2020/1/26:In retrospect, I don’t remember learning anything from my father. In the first place, I had few conversations with my father and had few memories of playing with him. When he returned from work, he drank beer, watched TV and fell asleep immediately. Most mothers did child care in my home. The mother also only told me “study.” So, when I have my child, I want to play with them, talk a lot, and teach a lot.

2020/1/19:There are four or five times a person should be serious in life. If you do your best only then, you will surely be happy. In my case, it was when I took college exams, when I started affiliates, and now. 2020 will be an important year for me.

2020/1/18:My wife is very expressive. When she eats something delicious, she says “Delicious!” And looks very happy. When I look at her expression, I feel happy and try to do my best for her.

2020/1/7:There are few female managers. Recently I saw some female managers on TV. What they have in common is that they love something. Eri Saito runs “SPICY CURRY Luka”. Mai Nagamatsu, who runs the “Katsuo Shokudo”. Eri Noda runs “sonnabanana”. They are doing business with what they like very much. In order for women to succeed in business, feelings of “like” may be the key.

2020/1/4:Looking at other people’s works makes me depressed. That was the case when I started affiliate. Comparing myself with others makes me unhappy. I don’t care about people. I will do what I can now on the way I believed.

2020/1/3:2020 will be an important year for me. Especially in the first half. I spent the year-end and New Year writing articles and preparing for new jobs. I want to take care of each day

2019/11/5:After returning from my hometown in September, I have a life cycle of getting up at 8am. I have been living day and night for over six years since I left the company. However, I noticed that there was a high concentration of 5 hours from 8 am to 13 am. In the morning, I’m full of motivation and energy, so it’s usually tiring to feel annoying. At lunchtime, I can enjoy a sense of fulfillment. It was true that morning was the best.

2019/10/22:Looking at the beautiful restroom at the soba shop, I cleaned the restroom at home. I discarded the toilet mat I had used for 5 years and bought a new one. A well-performing company has clean toilets.

2019/10/7:My happiness is “to send a peaceful life.” But calm everyday does not grow me. At present, I am happy to have a decent income and a peaceful day at affiliates. But now I am starting a new job and going on a new path. There is no peaceful everyday there. In the past, I have passed college entrance exams and have had a peaceful everyday life of college. I got a job offer and got a peaceful daily life of working as an office worker. After that, I succeeded as an affiliate and got a peaceful day. Once we strive for a peaceful day, we need to try new things to get to the next stage. I want to succeed in my new job, go to the next stage, and have a new peaceful day.

2019/10/7:There is a saying that the company will not be larger than the president’s vessel. I think the size of the vessel will depend on where I stop. When my monthly sales exceeded 5 million yen, I changed my mind to do what I wanted to do rather than pursue profits. How far can the president continue to pursue profits? I think that determines the size of the company. The person who has no stopper in himself can make the company larger.

2019/9/14:I went to Yonago’s Shigeru Mizuki Memorial Hall. I was interested in the detailed chronology of Shigeru Mizuki. He drew the same model as Kitaro at the age of 33, just like me now. Later he spent his thirties as an unsold manga artist and made many works. When he was over 40, he finally got a hit and was noticed. “Kitaro” he drew in the past was very popular. Even a celebrity Shigeru Mizuki was a manga artist who couldn’t sell yet at the age of me. I want to do my best from now on.

2019/9/10:We went to the hospital to hear the results of my wife’s post-surgery. The doctor was told that there was no problem. I was relieved.

2019/8/29:Recently, I often listen to the radio of comedian “Shimofuri Myojo”. They became very popular after winning the M1 in December 2018, but as of December 2017, a year ago, they didn’t have much work to say, “I’m glad I had a radio job.” Their radio has remained the same before and after selling. Selling people have something before they can sell. If I keep a record of the growth process, I think there are some fun and discoveries when I look back after success.

2019/8/28:Recently, I feel that one of the reasons I left the company and became independent may have been a reaction to my father. Even when I left the company, I worked hard, thinking there was no option to return to Shimane. If my father had said, “You can get a job anywhere” and “You can do anything,” I may have been satisfied with a mediocre life without taking on any challenges.

2019/8/21:My wife is finally discharged! We left the hospital at 16:00, ate rice in the cafeteria and returned home by bus. My wife was already fine and had a good appetite and I was relieved. Next time we will go to the hospital on September 10th to get a diagnosis from a doctor. I believe my wife is absolutely ok.

2019/8/20:5 days after surgery. We ate the cheesecake that my friend gave us. The doctor told me to leave the hospital tomorrow.

2019/8/19:Four days after surgery. My wife was delighted to be able to go to the bathroom lightly.

2019/8/18:3 days after surgery. My wife was fine enough to talk as usual. I received a rice cracker from my mother-in-law to celebrate my birthday.

2019/8/17:Two days after surgery. The temperature is 36 ° C. I went to the hospital from 13:00. My wife has a painful stomach. The postoperative course seems to be good, but she can’t sleep at all and is hard. I watched TV and talked with her. My mother-in-law also came one hour after noon.

2019/8/16:I went to visit my wife from 16 o’clock. She was already fine enough to walk to the bathroom. She had a strong feeling of urination because she was on a drip, and she had no trouble peeing when going to and from the toilet. I was surprised at her quick recovery because I thought she was bedridden today. Tomorrow Saturday, I will go to the hospital from 13:00

2019/8/15:My wife’s surgery was finished in three hours from 8am to 11am. The operation was successful. Doctors told me the results would be available two weeks later, but probably benign. I met my mother-in-law for the first time in about a year and talked. My wife had nausea and pain from anesthesia. But in four or five hours she was fine enough to talk. I was relieved after the operation was completed successfully. I plan to go every day because she seems to need hospitalization for one week. I got home from the hospital at 20:00

2019/8/14:Finally, my wife is hospitalized for surgery today. She entered the room at 10 am. Greetings from doctors and nurses ended at 19:00. Her surgery will start at 8:15 on tomorrow. I hope it ends safely.

2019/8/10:There is something in common for those who fail.
They do irrelevant things when they have to work hard. They are not working hard to make money. Instead, they do what they want to do or are simply lazy. I want to do my best with the feeling of “Stay hungry, stay foolish”

2019/8/6:At night, my brother had an accident with a deer while driving a car. He lives in the countryside of Mie Prefecture. The deer died instantly. His car was damaged. What country do he live in …?
When the typhoon landed in Shikoku, he was evacuated to the school gym.
He lives in a very difficult place to live

2019/7/14:I have finished organizing the receipt. There is no useless time than this time. not fun. There is no growth or learning. However, there are many people in the world who do this kind of work. I ’m terrible

2019/7/12:A few years ago, I tried to teach stock to a financially struggling friend. But he never tried to open a securities account. Eventually, he said, “I don’t want to do stock because I don’t have a good impression of money.” I felt that the economic inequality would increase in the future

2019/7/10:I’ve never had bad feelings for Ikeda Hayato. But how long has he been introducing poor financial services to the vulnerable? I think he is “boring”. Who wrote the Noblesse Oblige article? I think rich people should never make self-centered ways of making money. Should he do business that gives back to society?

2019/6/25:Rather than a movie made with a lot of money, I want to see a broadcast that Noriyuki Ishikawa keeps talking about. Surely his friendliness and interactivity are related. Even with recent affiliates and blogs, it’s important to make connections with your fans.

2019/6/24:Rino Sashihara was a guest on Tsuchida’s radio. She said, “The kindest MC is Mr. Ariyoshi, and the toughest MC is Goto of football.” Goto went up to MC with a result at the doll platform. Ariyoshi has experienced a great setback in the past and is in his current position. The more you think my success is the result of my efforts, the harder it is on others. I think my success is due to luck and fluke.

2019/6/19:My wife said, “The reason you like anime is the reaction you didn’t see when you were a child.” I was never conscious, but I was shocked. Watching non-anime videos makes me tired. Does childhood influence my current hobby?

2019/6/15:It’s important to try and error, but it’s also important to try the techniques used by major and strong players. When I imitated the way of a strong rival without thinking, sales increased normally